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Meet DAVID,.... for coffee.

The DAVID coffee table brings to life a beautifully simple concept. A rigid steel surface and pleated base, visually light but with structural integrity.


The David coffee table brings a visual poem to life as a functional and unique object. 


Made with quality British craftsmanship, creating a bold and unique occasional table. 


DAVID showcases an aesthetic reminiscent of Scandinavian design, manufactured by highly skilled British craftsman.  


The table is hand made by highly skilled British Craftsmen in steel and powder coated with a gloss finish, to create a contemporary look for your home. Supported by tapered steel legs, the DAVID comes in a range of colours that look striking alone or as a group.

Furniture that speaks volumes.





The attention to detail that is applied to each Hine product is naturally extended to the brand’s first furniture piece. The David coffee table is realised in a pleated steel base and a palette of  over 20 colours. The form is harmonious and clearly communicates our philosophy, it’s the attention to detail that truly elevates the experience;  Custom-made finishes. ‘It’s the harmoniously co-ordinated details, minimalistic design language and sumptuous materials. ‘All these elements combine to create the Hine aesthetic. Our passion for detail means we are always seeking perfection.’





  H 400 mm    Dia 300mm



  A.Hine      2017


 Materials /

  Mild steel-welded         

  Powder Coated  finishes -RAL 


 Manufactured / 






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